Steve Ace&Steel | Sun Clips

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Silver | Solid Grey

Long-lasting design

We use 65% bio-sourced, 100% recyclable polyamide frames known for exceptional durability, ensuring long-lasting sleek design.

Reusability and recyclability

The Lance X collection features packaging made from natural and recyclable materials, with no single-use plastics, in an effort to conserve resources and reduce waste.

Environmentally friendly factories

Our factories are ISO 14001 certified for eco-friendly practices, ensuring sustainable manufacturing and minimal environmental impact.

Customer Reviews

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Papuc Roxana
An Incredibly Well-Made, Hood-Looking and Comfortable Pair of Glasses

After finally arriving, The Steve Ace & Steel pleasantly surprised me with how genuinely great they are. They're extremely good-looking, very Comfortable and it's very easy to put on The Sun Clips after you get the gist of it. Overall, I'd give this pair a very solid 5 stars and I recommend them to anyone looking for an affordable pair of glasses that look good and manage to satisfy all your needs.

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